Next Naloxone

is a project of Next Harm Reduction.

We recognize that friends, families, and people who use drugs may have difficulty accessing naloxone due to financial, geographic, or personal reasons. Next Naloxone is an online and mail-based opioid overdose response training platform that facilitates access to naloxone through the mail. We began our work in New York State but have received requests from across the country. To support people who use drugs in additional states we have developed affiliate partnerships in 21 states and counting. Our mission is to ensure that all people have accessible opioid overdose response training, and if they can not obtain naloxone in any other way- they may choose to enroll in our program to have it mailed to their address. 

If you manage a naloxone distribution program and want to learn how to become an affiliate of Next Naloxone, please contact us for detailed information.

Tracey Helton: the "Heroine of heroin"

Next Harm Reduction was inspired by the work of Tracey Helton, author of The Big Fix and outspoken advocate for proactive drug user health resources and expanded naloxone distribution. During the 2016 National Harm Reduction Conference, Tracey gave a plenary talk called Radical Harm Reduction: Our Only Choice is Civil Disobedience. She discussed her work mailing naloxone to individuals across the United States that she had met through online recovery forums. Tracy’s work was startlingly simple yet effective. How could her work be scaled up and implemented across 50 states? This question led to Next Harm Reduction. 



What is next DISTRO?

Next Naloxone and NEXT Distro are both projects of Next Harm Reduction. NEXT Distro is an online and mail-based harm reduction platform specifically designed to resource and educate people who use drugs that do not have access to traditional in-person harm reduction services such as syringe exchange, drug user health education, and drug-user specific medical and social service resources. If you are a person who injects drugs that does not live near or have access to a syringe exchange program, please use this contact form


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Why next naloxone? 

We understand that providing drug user health resources is about supporting families, partners, colleagues and other loved ones too. NEXT Distro is built to support people who use drugs. Next Naloxone is designed to get naloxone into the hands of the people who love them.