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Take a look at our affiliate guide. It outlines everything from packing to budgeting.

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We recognize that accidental drug overdose has long been a crisis and that the kinder, gentler response to the opioid epidemic is the direct result of overdose impacting white and affluent communities. We know the racialized drug war was, and continues to be, an intentional assault against black and brown people, and that these communities are the focus of structural violence and systemic inequality. Next Harm Reduction actively works against white supremacy in our organization and harm reduction practice. We have developed this BIPOC Workplan to ensure a cornerstone of accountability and to guide us as we intentionally build harm reduction platforms that work against inequity in care and resources. The BIPOC Workplan is a living document and we welcome your partnership in its (and our) evolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Does NEXT give us naloxone and postage to carry out affiliate mailings?

A: We wish we could, but we don’t right now. Shortly after was launched in NYS, we received requests across the country. Our partnerships are crucial because affiliates mail their own naloxone, within their own state, under their own standing order, and using their own resources. NEXT is happy to provide the technology and infrastructure to support this work.

Q: We received a request that asked for naloxone for five people, what should we do?

A: That’s entirely up to you. If the individual has a history of overdose or witnessing an overdose, we would prioritize their request or at the very least, reach out to them to ask if members of their community are available and able to participate in the online training. That being said, the best way to get naloxone to people who need it is through social networks. It’s entirely up to you and your program resources, but we would support you providing the doses requested and additional materials about how to use the supplies. We would also make sure to include a personal message about connecting for additional support/supplies emphasizing various options to contact you (i.e., email, phone, social media).

Q: It’s hard for me to make it to the post office in my town. Can purchase a bunch of stamps and drop the stamped packages in a mailbox?

A: Yay! Glad you bought stamps ahead of time- this is a big time saver. Unfortunately we strongly recommend against putting naloxone packages in mailboxes. Mailboxes are specifically for letters and our naloxone shipments are considered ‘packages’. Packages put in mailboxes are known to heighten security because of the prominence of this method being used to mail bombs. If it is very difficult for you to make it to the post office, you can ask your local mail carrier if they wouldn’t mind picking up your packages when dropping off your daily mail.

Q: I want to scale up our mail-based naloxone distribution, what do I do?

A: We’re excited to hear it! You are welcome to share our website within your contacts, on social media, and with individuals who need naloxone that are too far from your location(s) to receive it in person. Please ensure that your posts and correspondance emphasize availability within your state. Our only concern is if promotion reaches other states where we currently have no affiliate. That being said, we are working to build affiliates across the country and anticipate this will not be a issue too much longer.

Q: I’m concerned about the intramuscular naloxone being crushed in the bubble mailer when it passes through the mail, has this happened before?

A: We’ve never had any report of supplies being crushed or unusable after being mailed. We have had one experience where a package was received ripped open with no contents. We’re unclear if the issue was due to human or machine mishandling. Overall, it’s happened to less than .02% of our mailings

Q: I want my organization to be a affiliate but we don’t have funding to support postage. What are our options?

A: Let’s talk more. Email

Q: What’s the process of becoming an affiliate?

A: First we’ll have a call to ensure our values are aligned, that there is adequate resources and infrastructure, and explain the process. After that we’ll send you a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), link to our affiliate Canva brochure (for you to edit), and share a state-specific google spreadsheet with you. We’re happy to start off very small and can walk you through the process as frequently as you need. Below is a draft template of the MOU we’ve been using.