Congratulations, you’ve completed NEXT’s Opioid Overdose Training

Due to limited resources, Next Naloxone prioritizes sending naloxone to people who use drugs and people are who are in direct contact with people who use drugs.

If you do not have regular contact with people who use drugs, but would like to carry naloxone on hand, please see if your state is listed on the “Outside of NY” menu above, or reach out to us via the contact form. You can also check out the Facebook page: for alternative options for obtaining naloxone. Thank you so much for seeking resources to prevent overdoses in your community.

Shipping costs for Next Naloxone are 100% driven by individual and private donations. Please consider making a donation to support our work, and reach out to us if you have any additional questions or concerns.

To have naloxone mailed to you please complete the form below. It is imperative that you provide an accurate email and mailing information.

Please note: Our form is not HIPAA compliant. Furthermore, if you are requesting supplies from outside of New York State, we may forward your information to a vetted project associate who will mail your supplies to you (this may be Narcan, or intramuscular naloxone). We are currently working to create an encrypted enrollment form to ensure your privacy. In the meantime, if you’re uncomfortable transmitting your name and address through our form, simply use a pseudonym for the “Name” box and alternate information for the address and email boxes. Let us know how we can contact you using one of the text boxes or reach out to, reminder to include your pseudonym in correspondance.

Next Harm Reduction Narcan

What will be mailed to New York State residents:

Two doses of intranasal Narcan brand naloxone

A rescue shield for rescue breathing

Certificate of completion

This is the name that will be listed on your certificate of completion- for New York State residents.
If the name on your package should be different from the name you list on your certificate of completion. PLEASE NOTE: Providing a pseudonym, partial name, or no name may raise red flags with USPS. We want to make sure your package gets to you ASAP, if a package is flagged it will go through additional security protocols and will take longer to get to you.
Your mailing address should be safe and secure; Mailings will be sent to the name indicated above and will arrive in a plain bubble mailer. PLEASE NOTE, YOU CAN NOT MAIL NALOXONE TO ANOTHER PERSON, only individuals who have completed training may participate in this program.
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