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In 2017, there were 424 identified opioid overdose deaths in the state of New Hampshire (cit.) If you are a person who uses drugs or if you are around people who use drugs, please consider learning how to respond to an opioid overdose and carrying naloxone (intranasal brand name: Narcan). Naloxone is a medication designed to reverse an opioid overdose. Opioids slow down the activity of the central nervous system. One effect of this is slowed or stopped breathing which could lead to death. Naloxone knocks the opioids out of the opioid receptors in the brain which allows the person who is experiencing an opioid overdose to begin breathing normally. We have a helpful FAQ and are constantly updating it with questions from our site visitors. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, let us know.


pharmacy-based naloxone access

Click the button below to find a pharmacy in your area that provides naloxone distribution. Call ahead to assess availability and request information about your co-pay.

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get naloxone mailed to you

If you are a person who uses drugs, have been recently released from jail or prison, or if you are a friend, family member, or partner of of someone who may be at high-risk for an opioid overdose, you can have naloxone mailed to you at no cost.

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online naloxone pharmacy

Naloxone Exchange by Script Health is an online naloxone-specific pharmacy operating in the state of New Hampshire. Naloxone Exchange provides intramuscular, intranasal, and auto-injector formulations of naloxone.


nh harm reduction programs

Many New Hampshire Harm Reduction Programs provide not only syringe and naloxone access but also referral, case management, and health services on site as well. Use this interactive map to see what options are near you.


anyone, anytime

In response to the opioid crisis in New Hampshire, the state has created the Anyone.Anytime.NH Campaign for anyone looking for help with drug or alcohol issues.


The doorway

Nine Doorway locations provide single points of entry for people seeking help for substance use, whether they need treatment, support, or resources for prevention and awareness. Naloxone can be accessed at any Doorway location.


new hampshire helpline

Access up to date resources from specially trained Information and Referral Specialists. 211 NH is available 24 hours, 365 days a year. Multilingual assistance and TDD access is also available.


New Hampshire’s good samaritan law

Unclear on law

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Drug user organizing

The Urban Survivors Union is a national drug users union mobilizing against the war on drugs. Check out their wealth of resources including #reframetheblame a campaign against drug induced homicide laws.

Get Naloxone Mailed To You

If you need Naloxone and cannot access it locally, you may place a request to get Naloxone mailed to you.