Below are some helpful videos we found on the internet. We're very interested in expanding this selection, if you have a video or resource you think would be helpful, please email it to In addition, if there is something we should have up here but don't, email us about that too. 

We're trying to find videos that highlight people with lived experience, don’t only show white faces, aren't just in English, and are more specific to the challenges communities face when responding to an overdose. If you know of something please reach out, we would love to expand our resources.

Injecting Advice: Out of the UK, this site includes articles, downloads, and external resources including the Safer Injection Handbook and a harm reduction article archive HERE

Harm Reduction Coalition: Check out their Resources page

Getting Off Right: From Harm Reduction Coalition

North American Syringe Exchange Network: Find the syringe exchange closest to you

Methamphetamine Zine from Kat Humphries at Harm Reduction Action Center in Colorado. Also in Spanish- Metanfetazine: Una Guia para Reducción de Daños

Safe Smoking for Crack and Crystal from our friends in Vancouver